Monday, 31 March 2014


So we had ZCM this week, which means the whole half of the mission in
the jungle has a big reunion conference and it was awesome! The AP's
and President all gave trainings and they were off the charts inspired
with everything I could have every wanted to hear from them. I feel
sometimes like our mission is run like a football time, like were
being coached and were in the middle of a hectic game. Its way good, I
always come out of meeting psyched to go! The best part was at the end
when they split us up into Elders and Sisters and we had little
seperate secret meetings. Sister Barrientos, the mission presidents
wife gave us a whole training not looking dowdy and old. She told us
we had to teach each other to do make up and buy nicer clothes and
shoes. And then she taught us how to sit and walk. It was rad, but so
funny. All these sisters sitting around the room in a circle
practicing being ladies, we felt way classy for a sec which was nice,
until we went outside and got attacked by the intense sun. Did I
mention its like living in the Sahara desert this week? This is know
to be literally the hottest area in the Philippines and it was off the
charts this week, being pretty is more of a challenge than expected. I
always used to look at some sister missionaries and just think, I bet
they dress way better than that at home, why aren't they putting in
any effort? I understand completely now, so I'm sorry to any sisters I
ever judged in my mind. She also then mentioned about mission crushes.
So this is a topic we always thought was incredibly bawal and not at
all allowed, then a couple weeks we were all hanging out and Sister
Barrientos was asking who everyone had a crush on. This led to an all
out free for all of mission crush chats and its all anybodys been
talking about for weeks. So in the training she mentions it, and shes
like its fine if you do, just don't act on it of course. Then shes
like "its completely normal if you have one, its actually abnormal if
you don't!" Then all my housemates pointed at me, then everyone
laughed. So I'm abnormal. Great. Haha.

This week I've been studying the Atonement. I started a new Book of
Mormon and decided I was going to highlight whenever it talks about
the Atonement, I made it a fair way through 1 Nephi and barely had
anything, so I'm thinking I know I'm not doing this right. So I take
it to the Quorum of the Twelve, whip out my conference edition and
start reading. Once I read their insights I really understood a lot
more how the Atonement really applies to everything. EVERYTHING. So I
started again. Theres barely anything in the Book of Mormon thats not
about the Atonement. One thing I've been focussing on is the
difference between the cleansing power and the enabling power of the
Atonement. There are so many things I could say, but one thing it
really comes down to is because of the Atonement we can be free from
our sins, and because of the enabling power of the Atonement we can be
great, and great things can still come to pass even though we've
messed up bad, and wasted opportunities and let other people down
because of our bad choices. We can never learn too much about the
Atonement, theres always more that we just don't understand yet. But
I'm so grateful for the scriptures, and for general conference and for
living day prophets and apostles. The church is revolutionary, and
theyre doing revolutionary things in the world right now. This is it,
this is the last days! Get your 72 hour kits ready and start repenting
because its going to be a wild ride. Haha joke lang, kinda. But for
reals, don't forget why were here and who sent us and where were going
and how we get there.

Love you all,
Sister McKim

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