Monday, 10 March 2014

I will now stop my conference

Worlds quickest because I left this til last this week!

So! This week

We baptised the two cutest kids in the world, Amy and Louie. They are
8 & 9 and also tiny tiny Philippinos and were baptised by Elder
Pincock who also happens to be a very very tall white man. Hilarious.
We had another wicked tricie convoy to the river, baptism days in
Sanchez are my all time favourite.

Sister Baguio is transferring and I couldn't be more sad! But my new
comp is apparently amazing, and the two other sisters coming are both
American and I adore them both so life is going to be good. Every
second sentance out of our other housemate, Sister Copeland's mouth
begins with "In America..." so its going to get real American up in
here. For example, "In America, nobody would ever allow a dog to die
on their doorstep", or "In America, we only eat pure delicious meat
and we don't have to eat the gross bits...or dogs", etc. I need to
start writing things down, shes out of control.

We just started teaching the dad of one of our RC's and he came to
church a couple weeks ago but started running away from us. We were
way upset about it until he just texted us saying sorry that he
couldn't come to church because I love you. We're not really sure who
it is yet. Hopefully Sister Baguio because shes out of here anyway.

Were all on tsunami watch as almost every single missionary in our
ward has had a dream about a tsunami in Sanchez. A sister here before
apparently had a dream with the Town Hall in it before she'd ever even
come here. Yep. But were safe, I'm not worried! Except there is not
enough food in our house ever if we were to escape, working on it

There was a massive accident that rocked everybodys world in Sanchez,
a drunk tricie driver was killed in an accident, so for district
meeting, ELder Pincock was inspired that we should pretend we were
teaching his wife and what we would say to help her. Then the very
next day Sister Storey & Dela went to an investigators house and found
out it was her. What are the odds. Moral of the story, leaders are

Thats all I have time for.
But cheers for all the emails this week.
Love you crazy cats!

Sister McKim

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