Sunday, 16 March 2014

I'm breaking up with you

This week was a week of hardcore dropping. We have this awkward
problem here where we have too many investigators and not enough time
to visit everybody, so we had to go around to a lot of people and give
them last chances so we can focus on the people that actually want to
progress. It was like breaking up with people. You teach them a
lesson, read a scripture promising eternal happiness and joy if they
just do what they're supposed to do, but let them know they have a
choice, and if they don't do them they\re basically condemned, but we
do it in the absolutely nicest possible way. Its awkward because
they're kind of like, but we can still be friends right? And we're
like, if we happen to be in the neighbourhood we might stop
by....Really its like breaking up with people. But it is sad,
especially because at the beginning they were doing so well and were
really so so happy, and somewhere along the line something goes wrong
for them and they lose that motivation to be better. But really it
just means its not their time, and we can do find someone who's time
it is.

Theres some weird stuff that goes on out here in Cagayan so I'll give
you a bit of a run down. Because were so close to the mountains theres
a lot of native people things going on up here, I mentioned the dog
eating, and then theres witchcraft, voodoo magic, cock fights. The
cock fighting arena is right across from the meetinghouse so we get to
listen to them all night long when we have meetings. Its like a big
deal, you see people getting ready all week, training up their
chickens, and then they all leave so disappointed at the end. We had
an investigator who told us her dad was killed by voodoo magic, a lady
he worked with got mad at him and made a doll which apparently caused
his death, that was an interesting one to explain from a Gospel
perspective. We also have an investigator family where the dad puts
his son in beauty pageants dressed as a princess. So, needless to say,
there are always interesting times.

This week I've been studying about the Bible. I've become obsessed.
And the more the Bible is true, the more the Book of Mormon is
definitely true. And from an intellectual point of view there is no
way that it was possibly written without inspiration from God, but its
also plain to see the mistakes in translating by man. This is only one
reason we need the Book of Mormon to, they need each other, and we
need them both. If you don't read the Book of Mormon every day, you
need to start. And if you don't believe it, compare it with the Bible,
and then if you still need convincing, just ask God, and He will tell
you whats true.

I love the mission, I am blessed beyond reason to be in the Laoag
mission, these people were waiting for me! If I've learned anything
its that everythings part of God's plan, except when we mess up, but
even then He still has an unlimited amount of contingency plans for

Love you all, keep the emails coming, and with Easter only a month
away, I wouldn't hate to see some chocolates arrive on the doorstep

Mahal kita,
Magtiis hanggang sa wakas
Sister McKim

So the pictures. These kids are in the branch and we went to their
house and found them catching dinner, which are these little worm fish
things that chill in this sewer water. I was already worried about the
sanitary nature of the water before I saw the chunk of human poo float
past one kids hand. We then shook the kids hands before we left. I'm
forever being reminded how I need to wash my hands more often. This
kid was having a wicked time making his monkey dance all morning and
then fell asleep with it on his face. The kid was ignoring us when we
tried to talk to him so the monkey got made and smacked him in the
face. I'm like the money whisperer, its like he read my thoughts. So the 
drawing. Yep so, we assigned an elder in our district to draw us for our district tshirt,
and this is what he came up with. Pretty true of everyone and pretty
great, way inappropriate and won't be the district shirt, but doesn't
mean it wont end up on a tshirt in the future one day haha.

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