Monday, 24 March 2014

This week, I remembered carpet.

Yeah, carpets a thing! I forgot all about it, and then we talked about
carpet for like 20 minutes and how good it is. I haven't walked on a
clean floor in 9 months and our house is the worst. Girls shed hair
like crazy here, I actually saw a tumbleweed of hair go past me the
other day while studying. Cagayan!

So yes, I AM extremely happy that I happen to be in the same place
that Survivor is being filmed. We've known about it for months and I
guess they just started advertising it. But no, I haven't seen Jeff
Probst, they're filming in one of the Elders areas a couple hours
away. But I do always feel like I'm on Survivor. Just this morning we
had to really quickly grab this huge rubbish bin full off maggots and
run it to the highway before they crawled out and touched our skin so
it was kinda like a survivor challenge. And we also happened to run
out of water on Saturday night, which means we went without until this
morning so we've been boiling water and picking out what could be
parasites, nobody really knows. We also had a stack of coconuts given
to us so we borrowed a machete and have been macheting coconuts
outside our house for weeks now. Plus its been raining for weeks so
I've been wearing wet clothes for weeks have never actually gotten
dry. It's been getting pretty primitive up in here but out of respect
for the calling I won't go into details. We're pretty much living like
Survivor anyways.

This week we went jungle trekking to find new investigators, and I
mean real trekking, like off book trekking and strumbled across this
creepy building that looks like a Dharma station from Lost. Then I
remembered tv. I just hit halfway this week so maybe I'm getting mid
mission trunky or something. I'm expecting to find that missing plane
any minute now and get snatched up by some of the Others. I'm assuming
I'm on the list of good people. This paragraph is both nerdy and not
mission related. Sorry bout it.

I had a really great moment this week where I had a really urgent
question that I didn't have the authority to decide for myself. I
called President and he happened to be with one of the 70, asked him
and got back to me straight away. I was really just marvelling for a
moment at how if we really need them, the leaders of the church are
there for us, even the 70, or even the 12, or even the Prophet if we
needed him individually. I really just reminded me how we really are
all just one family and each one of us individually is important.

I would also like a comprehensive update of the missing plane, and any
news from the real world. When I ask people about whats going on in
the real world nobody has any clue. I caught a glimpse of the news the
other day and it was a ladyboy beauty pageant so as far as I know
thats all thats going on.

We have been watching this DVD with our investigators lately, its
amazing, I cry every time. It's the John Tanner story of the man who
gave absolutely everything he had to the church in the early days when
the church had nothing. This is my favourite quote, I don't know if
its by him or by someone else but Google is bawal so I can't look it

"No man putting his hand to the plough and looking back is fit for the
kingdom of God"

Don't ever forget that every minute of our lives here is for the work
of the Lord, and every minute we waste is holding ourselves and others
back from our eternal reward.

Love you all,
Sister McKim

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