Monday, 7 April 2014

Whom the Lord calls He qualifies

Another week in the field and another week short on time, so this one
really is gonna be a quickie for all of you playing at home.

CONFERENCE! Since were still in the future we have conference next
weekend, but I've been loving all the conference notes people sent me
today! But on Saturday we did go and watch the womens conference
broadcast at out meetinghouse. They went to rediculous extents to go
an pick up the dvd from an hour and a half away so we could watch it
right here in Sanchez.....and then they forgot to mention it to
anyone. So an hour after it was supposed to start it was just us 6
sister missionaries sitting there. Then towards the end a casual two
hours a couple other people stroll in and sit down. We run on
Philippino time here. I don't know if I've mentioned this before but
literally every clock in this country is between 10 and 20 minutes
wrong. Like as in, one persons clock is 15 minutes fast and the next
persons is 20 minutes slow, so people rock up to places thinking
they're on time but there really like half an hour apart. Its kind out
of control, and kind of funny, but sometimes we can really make it
work to our advantage. A little while ago at a mission conference they
made all of the missionaries set their clocks to the exact same minute
so that everyone would be on time together. Somewhere along the line
that went wrong again and nobody knows what time it is anymore. I love
it though, cracks me up every time, people here are so chill. They're
my people now!

It was April Fools Day on Tuesday, and conveniently my companion was
sick on Monday night so I took this as a perfect opportunity to plan
pranks! I was so excited and she had no idea what April Fools Day was
and she really didn't get it, so we just, did nothing......haha sad.
Next time na lang.

We're trying to start this new thing where we take out less-actives
out to lessons with us and its actually working rediculously well. We
were trying to teach these two less-active boys in their 20's but we
didn't have a girl to sit in the lesson so it wasn't allowed. So I'm
like, you should just come with us to the next lesson and they were SO
EXCITED! So we take them down, turns out the next lady we went to
teach was their friend and they sat there like missionaries with their
Book of Mormons out finding scriptures and testifying about baptism. I
had a glimpse of them in a year or two when they're active again and
finally getting out on their missions, and then after we left one of
them told me that his latest girlfriend is a married lady in her late
30's. Yeah. But theres still hope for him!

This week I've been learning about praying to change ourselves instead
of changing our circumstances. We literally have everything so who are
we to sit back and ask for more if we're not doing everything we can
to use the resources we've been blessed with. Just like Nephi said, we
know that the Lord will always provide a way, so we need to pray that
we can find that way that He has provided, and we can't do that by
just sitting there and waiting for it, we have to go look. We've
experiencing a lot of hardships in our area at the moment and while
some of them are inevitable, I know that the Lord has provided good
opportunities too and prepared people for us. Nobody can sit and say
they're not having success because they're in a hard area. There are
no hard areas, because the Lord qualifies us for the area we have been
given, maybe we are just hard-hearted.

I cannot wait to sit and watch conference surrounded by the faithful
saints here of this district, where the church is still so new and the
people are so prepared. I really love this place and everything about

I love you all,
Sister McKim

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