Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was.

The week!

So we waited patiently for transfer calls all day, which is pretty
much like the pinaka-exciting time of the transfer, everyones freaking
out and on edge waiting, we sit by the phone all night waiting to see
if it rings, then it does and we all crowd around, everyone screams
when they find out where they're going. So anxious.....then all we got
was a text saying who was transferring and to check their emails on
Monday...so disappointing. Probably in an attempt to keep us more
reverent and focussed. Lesson learned. BUT I'm not transferring, what?
But wicked! Got way too much work still to do. This morning was the
start of another long string of revelations on what this area needs
and what we need to pull all our investigators through to the end. Its
gonna be a good transfer! The one sad thing is my confidant and
classier twin Sister Webb is being transferred for her last transfer,
to my first area and home! If I can't have her I'm glad they get to
have her, so everything works out the way that its supposed to for

Last week p-day we climbed a mountain, in thongs, or jenelas, or flip
flops or jandels or whatever depending who you are. And today we went
back to the zoo. P-day has become my least favourite day of the week
because it is always incredibly short and stressful, it takes us
forever to get anywhere, and the work is way good right now. But I
feel blessed to have another transfer in this Zone, the city here is
such a little tourist spot and theres always a lot going on, so if you
have a spare 5 seconds on p-day you can go have fun haha.

Church was just straight up the best. Basically everyone we could have
expected and more were there, callings being handed out all over the
place, people receiving the Priesthood, and people bringing their non
member friends. It was like, oh man, just a good Sunday. It all comes
down to Sunday, you spend the whole week running around doing
everything you can and it all - not all, but mostly - comes down to
who walks in those doors Sunday morning. Marami. Miracle.

The other night a sister in my house turns around and goes Sister
McKim I want you to cut my hair. I assured her that I was in no way a
professional, and couldn't make any promises about how excellent it
would be. She said that was fine, and she was pretty keen for it to
happen and kept reminding me. So I committed, prayed first and started
at it. Her hair was LONG and she wanted it short. Turned out amazing,
she looks maganda now. Ignore the crooked bit in the picture, I wasn't
finished yet haha.

This week in one of my journal entries I quoted Troy Bolton from High
School Musical. I haven't quoted anything not Mormon related on a long
time and somehow that was the first thing that came to my mind. I'm
lame now but I like it. Lame means focused.

Kind of lame email which means - focused. Hopefully!

Love you all,
Sister McKim

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