Tuesday, 8 July 2014


So we've been thinking about praying about how we can help our branch,
its like the leaders are doing the best they can but it is super hard,
half the callings are unfilled, the leaders are overworked and
everyone else is underworked. We felt like although we're still
getting baptisms the branch wasn't really moving forward and we know
there was an answer. That answer came last Sunday when in Sacrament
our branch president - who was awesome - was released and they called
a new one. We were all so shocked but we couldn't help but feel like
this was the new start that they needed. The new branch president none
of us really knew that well, I'm not even sure if he had a calling
before that, but hes such a hardworking guy and his wife is one of the
only RM's. Our old President looked though it was going to be hard to
give up his calling, but he has no kids and his wife is abroad and he
needs a break from the stress. After church we met with the District
presidency and the branch council and the president stood straight up
and asked every quorum what they needed and what callings needed to be
filled, then we gave him our list of requests and needs and he said he
was on it. This week we got to sacrament and one by one sustained
people who for a long time hadn't had callings, and filled callings
that for a long time hadn't been filled. I was fist pumping to myself
all sacrament, especially when our old president was called and
sustained as our new branch mission leader, which we haven't had here
in a long long time and he was absolutely beaming happy. I was already
on a high when the sister behind me tapped me on the shoulder, showed
me a list of names and asked me where they lived because she was going
to do her visiting teaching that afternoon. I about cried. Later that
afternoon when some of the YSA came to our house so we could help them
get started with their visiting teaching too, we went and visited a
less active man in our area who said I'm good sisters, your Branch
President and his companion came and visited me earlier. I think I
might have actually cried then. Probably only people who have served
mission understand quite how incredible this all was, especially in a
place where people not only don't have the time or money to do their
callings as much as they could, but they're all fairly new members
still and don't know really what to do in the first place. Miracle.
For real.

Our miracle investigator hit her road block this week, as I predicted
she would. As fast as people feel the Spirit, Satan gets in there and
messes everything up. Our sweet AJ, completely reformed in the space
of a week told her parents on the third day that she was going to be
baptised. Even though shes 19 and can choose for herself, her parents
made it clear to her that it was her family and her education, or her
baptism. So shes done a lot of crying, and we've done a lot of
scripture texting to her but she seems to be doing better. The saddest
thing about it is shes dropped every thing bad, drinking, smoking, all
of it, and when her parents fight with her she gets mad and wants to
go back to it. We're working on it, we're hoping her and her friend
will still be set to get baptised in a couple weeks and we'll keep
praying. This week we had to deal with a lot of really hard things
with a lot of people were teaching, even members just coming to us
needing serious help. One thing I've had to really change, because it
was a hard part of me to let go of, is that I've just had to become so
empathetic to the point where it hurts me too. I used to be made of
stone I swear, and my MTC family will attest to that that they
couldn't make me cry no matter how hard they wanted to, when people
would come to me with problems I would hit them with the most logical
answer, no stress, just go do this and you're gonna be fine. And my
advice was always right, but I guess I'm working on my delivery. Its
like when Jesus' friend Lazarus died, and He knew it was going to be
ok, He knew He was going to raise him from the dead, but he didn't
tell everyone just to calm down and stop doing that, He wept with
them, and then when it happened it was all the most special. So thats
what I've been trying to apply, so I've been crying with a lot of
people lately, and staying up late praying for really long amounts of
time. But I think its good, I want people to know that I know the
answers, but I want them to know I love them first.

Thats all I have time for you sweet treasures. I'd tell you all the
funny stuff, but the important bits first.

Love you,
Sister McKim
We ate frogs this week. they taste like chicken and are actually pretty
good but not a lot of meat. 

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