Monday, 21 July 2014

Bawal ang dengue sa Laoag Mission!

Work was progressing extremely well in the area. Was pretty excited
for a good amount of baptisms in the works for this transfer. Until.
On Wednesday I worked up a pretty wicked fever but continued to work
pretty solidly the next 3 days. I don't think Sister Roma even really
realised I was sick because she laughed every time I said something
like 'after we walk past this person I'm probably going to be sick
behind this tree'. Not until Friday night when we said the closing
prayer and I crawled my way from the study room onto the top bunk did
anyone realise what was going on. Didn't emerge until I crawled my way
to the Elders on our doorstep the next morning so they could bless me.
If nothing else from this week, I was reminding just how true
blessings are. Before they came I couldn't eat and I could barely
stand, afterwards I wasn't healed but I was functioning which was
enough. Luckily our landlady is a member and lucky shes friends with
our doctor neighbour so she dragged me over there. He says, you
probably have dengue, pack your bags, because when you get to the
hospital they will confine you. Noooo. Get to hospital. Dengue test,
super expensive, do the conversion into dollars in my mind, still
expensive. Fall asleep in waiting room. ITS NOT DENGUE! Fist pump with
my tiny strength. Same doctor from that morning appears. He says,
would you like to be confined? I said, no. He says, stay in bed for 5
days. Buy a lot of drugs, and go have my first nap in over a year. Not
as glorious as I dreamed it would be. So I don't know what it is, he
said infection which basically sums up how I feel right now -
But! We're missionaries, and they always say forget yourself and go to work.
Before when I would hear this I was like what, no, I'm not a robot I
can't just do that.
But we're not robots, we're missionaries, and we're set apart to do
the work, and the work won't get done unless we do it, and the Lord
can make us strong. Whom the Lord calls He qualifies. And its true.
The Lord gives just enough of what we need so we can do it, and we
have to do the rest. I gave it two days off and back to work.
So our investigators took a bit of it hit this weekend which was
really hard. We couldn't get out to visit them and by Sunday
temptations just got the better of them and there just weren't as many
of them at church as I was hoping. Satan just knows how to time it!
But we keep going and we keep praying and we know they're going to
make it, even if their little backslides push their baptisms after I
leave, as long as they make it there is all that matters

I hope you all get something out of this mess of a story! The last
couple days staring at the roof have reminded me how much I just love
being out there teaching, and how much I love all of the people, and
how good my comp is! This morning the sisters went to the market,
bought me a coconut and my tiny little companion, in her skirt, got
the machete out and hacked away at it so I could drink it for
breakfast. That's real love and charity!

Love you all my family! Take care of yourselves, the was time is
speeding by I'll see you like, tomorrow!
Sister McKim

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