Monday, 28 April 2014

Going South

I don't even know where to begin this week! So I'll go straight to the
good bits.

The last day in Sanchez I couldn't find ANYONE, nobody, so I didn't
get to say goodbye to anyone I teach and they didn't know I was
leaving. Sad. But I guess thats the point of the late notice. But we
had a big FHE with some of our fave members which was wicked. Also
found out that the week before Easter there were a couple of
crucifixions on the main street. Apparently its a belief here of
another church that they need to crucify someone every year at Easter,
but then they will be free from their sins. I mean literally nailed to
a cross. Its truly awful, I really couldn't believe it.
Bussed it down to Santo Domingo on Tuesday. I like, I knew I was
coming down here. And now I'm here I know I belong here. My comp is
Sister Ramos, she is like one of those Asian air hostesses that is too
pretty to be real. She is the Philippino version of me just obviously
more beautiful. We're the same age and she just gets me, we just have
chats all day every day about life and the scriptures and everything,
I love love her. And the other sisters in my house are amazing, its a
really hard working group of people so its good to just get down and
work hard.
Met the district president, which is the same as the stake president
except were not a stake yet. He is, oh my, hes amazing. Him and his
wife and so funny and so in love and they just live for the church, if
every member family was like them then everyone in the world would be
a member. President Barrientos called him a couple months ago and said
they needed a house for our Elders and didn't know what to do, so he
suggested he give them their house - joking I think, I never know with
President. So President Tabunar says yes, but give him time to build a
new house. Six days he says. So in 5 and a half days he knocks up a
one room house out the back of his workshop and now his family live in
there so the elders can have their big nice house. They just, oh man,
they inspire me. Just this week they also did a sneaky trip to Manila
and bought scriptures for all of our RC's and fed us a massive healthy
feast, which was heaven sent as our house was devoid of food. So good.
Ah man.
And the people in our area are amazing and love us. There is this one
family in particular, the mum and the 3 teenage daughters got baptised
2 weeks ago and the dad is coming to church every week but isn't
willing to follow the WoW yet. But they are incredible. The mum was
telling us that just before the missionaries showed up they were about
to split up because of all these terrible things that were happening.
But then she found the gospel, and it saved their family and saved
their marriage and changed their lives. The dad still needs work, half
the time hes amazing and studies the scriptures like crazy and then he
goes out and drinks and does things like before. But we will help him
to change, I've been prepared for this situation before so I know
we're going to see miracles.
Got locked out of our chapel so had to do a sneaky trip down to Vigan
for district meeting, saw the other district in our zone which just
happens to be all of my favourite people I haven't seen in ages,
including Sister Lainhart. Why does the Lord love me so much? He takes
care of me.
The other day I didn't have time to eat breakfast and I was struggling
for energy because its hotter than imaginable here right now. And this
member sees us and hands us a bag of apples and I was cheering, I
needed it so bad. So also in the bag was a ton of balut. Balut is
basically a duck abortion. Its a half formed baby duck in an egg.
Didn't realise there was 3 in the bag until I pulled my scriptures out
and they smelled like rotten egg vomit mixed with feet. One fell out
and covered EVERYTHING in my bag, my scriptures, my money, everything.
Our house pongs, everything pongs, CURSE YOU BALUT. Ugh. The balut
knows I hate it so its fighting back.
In Vigan again for p-day. So Vigan is like a huge tourist capital and
is amazing and beautiful. We got a horse and carridge around for an
hour and it literally felt like I was on vacation for a minute there.
Then we went to this massive free zoo where the animals just roam
around free and you can ride everything and hold everything for free.
But. President shot us a text this morning that apparently the Area
Presidency just declared we can't hold the snakes or hang out with the
tigers anymore. Like literally today. I was a little devastated, but
its fine, I've done it all before anyway.

So, am I having the best year of my life?
I keep hearing songs and things that remind me of my days in the
States, parties and travelling and all that fun stuff. And then I'm
reminded about the MTC and my old areas and mission memories and they
are so much more special. I don't ever wanna leave!

Love you so much,
especially those who write me..............................  :-)
Sister McKim

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