Monday, 14 April 2014


This is going to be a whole lot of conference insights, because if
you're only going to remember one thing from me this week, it better
be one of these things!

I loved President Monson's talk about the pouring rain on the
festival. The people needed it so much and they showed their faith by
asking for it, and even though it seems like it came at a really
inconvenient time, to me it seems like the Lord was literally
showering them with blessings at a time when all the people could
witness the miracle together.

Elder Holland didn't disappoint as usual. I freaked out for a second
because he was first and I wasn't ready for him yet, but he made his
point and he made it well. It's so true what he said though - there
will come a time for all of us where we will be called to defend our
faith. The day will come where we can't sit on the fence anymore, you
can't just come to church on Sunday and do whatever else you wanna do
during the week, you stand up for what you believe or you stay behind.
And like he said, only the proud will be offended by the truth, so if
you were offended by anything, take a look at yourself. The whole
Saturday session was amazing talk after amazing talk, and rebuke after
rebuke for the members of the church. And every talk led so well into
each other. I too have seen LDS people on Facebook slander others
because they stood up for what they believe, or made a comment.
Honestly, how dare someone say they are a true follower of God and
then slander someone for saying they believe in marriage between a man
and a woman. Like Elder Anderson said 'no earthly law can change God's
law' and He is the 'same yesterday, tomorrow and forever.' But how
dare anyone slander anyone for saying the opposite too. Would Christ
have done that? I think we all know the answer. Or as Elder Nelson
said 'no amount of public opinion is grounds for disobedience.' We are
not immune from Satan because we are members and all he has to do is
confuse you to think that something is ok because everyone else is
saying it. People seek to be popular and that is not what we're
looking for. Christ was loved by so many, and so many sought to be
close to Him, but so many slandered Him, and cursed Him and opposed
Him, and part of becoming like Him is willing to accept that standing
for truth and righteousness will often involve a little bit of that as
well. I could go on all day. But one thing I've noticed here on my
mission more than ever is that the Kingdom of God in a certain area
will only be as strong as the members, and if the members are prideful
and disobedient, they ruin it for anyone else that could hope to be a
strong member close by to them. As members, I hope we all went home
from conference at took a good look at ourselves and what we're doing.
I can say for myself I realised a few things that are severely lacking
in myself this conference.

I, like I'm sure many others, have made the same mistake by walking
away from conference in the past and thinking certain things don't
apply to me. Gary E. Stephens talked about our 4 minutes in this life
and how we're going to use them, and what I took away from that is
that this is it, we're getting so close to the end, and we don't know
when its coming, so we better be ready. The most important thing in
the entire world at this present moment is being involved in the Work
of Salvation. This means missionary work, so if you can get on a
mission, get on on one right now. Do not wait. And if you want,
fellowship with the missionaries, give them referrals, and start
acting like a Latter-Day Saint should ALL of the time. And everyone
who is not on a mission right now needs to be in the temple as often
as possible, and don't rely on the hard work and sacrifice of others,
get online and do your family history and take your own names to the
temple. When Elder Cook was talking I was thinking about this picture
I saw on the foyer of the chapel before I walked in. There was a boy
sitting on the couch watching tv while above him were all his
ancestors in spirit prison, and this had a great effect on me because
I was suddenly riddled with guilt for avoiding family history all
these years. So even though I can't do it right now, I hope you will
all do your part and get started. I had a thought, and this isn't
doctrine of course, but I was thinking about if we were in heaven,
walking the path to the Celestial Kingdom. Along the way we see all
the damage from our mistakes and sin, and we will see imprisoned all
those who never had the chance to hear the Gospel, or who were held
back because of us. Will we walk past them and enter the gates? No. I
think the guilt would stop us before the Lord even would.

I truly hope you all took as much away from conference as I did, and
felt the Spirit testify to you of truth and enlighten the path in your
mind that you should take to progress on your journey. I love you all
and I'm so blessed to know so many strong and steadfast members and to
have already made it this far. I would love to hear all your insights
on conference and the things you study each week. And if you don't do
it because I told you, do it because Elder Ballard did.

Stand strong or fall to your knees.

I love you!

Sister McKim

'We will heed not what the wicked may say but the Lord alone we will obey.'

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