Monday, 2 December 2013

Week of George

Hello po!

So. This week is the first week in my mission where I was medyo tired
and medyo grumpy, but still loving the work. Naps are 100% BAWAL
forbidden in this mission and were not allowed to go to sleep any
earlier than 10.30 at night. But its all good, because theres always
something to get excited for.

This week, man I learned a lot this week. We have another family
getting baptised this Saturday so we've been working with them a lot
and they are the most solid people, testimonies going out the roof.
The wife is the sister of our recent convert mum and they've been
working together to get here. The wife was set to get baptised weeks
ago but just before her date we had this miracle week when everyone in
the world came to church including her husband. He had always avoided
us when we came and one day the miracle of miracles happened and he
just told us that he was going to get baptised, so this week after all
this time she gets to get baptised with her husband! Hes another
future bishop for sure. We've started having weekly family home
evenings in the area where all our investigators and recent converts
live and every week more and more of their neighbours come! We always
get a member couple to come teach the lesson and then its also a good
opportunity for them to ask the deeper doctrines to the members that
we can't explain so well. The ward is mind blown at the progress out
there as they said before it was kind of a hopeless place because it
was so far away. Now the members are asking us when they can come and
be the ones to teach out there! One of the husbands who decided last
week that he is going to get baptised has been awesome in helping the
rest of the husbands to come around to the gospel. Now we just go to
their houses, turn off the tvs and make them come and listen, give
them Books of Mormon and tell them to read. One by one miracles are
occuring. We're baptising all of them. You know people are truly
converted when they're doing everything without even asking them to,
on Sunday the new converts paid their tithing, they were just too
excited. I'm gonna ask to stay here my whole mission. President will
say no, but, can't hurt to ask :-)
We also had another funeral this week, this time it was an old lady,
the mother of a less active member in our ward and the church put on a
service for her. We went down to the house and there were tons and
tons of people there and she told me they were all less active members
but she wanted to come with us to reactivate them. Uh, WHAT? So thats
happening. Thats our new strategy and its working. We don't have time
to visit less actives so we get them to come fellowship with us, then
they get active! Who would have ever guessed. Plus we were given this
list of all the less active members in our ward, apparently theres
over 900 and we get 120 at church, and we were supposed to go track
them down and find out if they still live here. We haven't even had
time to look at it in weeks so finally we take it to a members house
to see if he knows anyone, he grabs it off us and says to leave it
with him and he'll do it for us. We're cheering about it, then hours
later we see him again and hes treked every house in the neighbourhood
to find them. The man! Couldn't have a better ward. In other news, our
neighbours just bought the worlds cutest puppy, but we live in an
apartment building so our backyards are tiny tiny concrete areas, so
he hates it there and always escapes into our yard. We always come
home and find him chilling and pooing in our yard, but its secretly
the best, we love him and we named him George. The little boy next
door said his name is Dog. He's wrong, its not.

Just a quickie this week. Life is good and the work is better. Working
hard every day and love being a missionary. Be good. Be happy.
Love you all,
Sister McKim xxx

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