Monday, 23 December 2013

Two down, three to go

Hi all, so!
Another husband entered the waters of baptism, and they were once
again murky brown waters that nobody wanted anything to do with,
except our awesome investigator being baptised, and his baptiser his
best mate who was baptised just two week ago! With the combo of
Philippino time and Mormon time which means there is no need to ever
be concerned about being late, we arrived the chapel around 6, which
was when the baptism was supposed to start and nobody was there so we
started to set it up. We took a sneaky peek at the font which someone
had finally graciously emptied after about a months worth of baptisms
in the same filthy water and found it stained brown and it smelled
nasty as. So being committed to the cause, shoes off, hair up, I
jumped in and started scrubbing it like a boss. The things we do for
our investigators, luckily we love them. While we were sitting waiting
for the service to start he said he was going to cry and was really
trying to stop. He just sits in all of our lessons just itching for us
to ask him a question so he can speak. Yesterday Bishop took us into
his office with our three men that we baptised for a meeting and he
gave them all English Bibles and told them all to start prepping so
they can be the Bishopric of their own ward closer to them in a few
years time. Its actually going to happen. I can't comprehend that I
actually helped make this happen, I know it all happened through the
Lord, its not because of my own skills in any way, but if I didn't
actually pull myself together and actually get out here this never
would have happened. Miracles

Our Christmas party was awesome! But in usual Philippino /Mormon time,
instead of starting at 5 like it was supposed to it started at 7.30
and we missed the food, the presents and the skit we'd spent days
practicing and didn't even get to do. Its been a week now that Sister
Lainhart and me have been living in our house by ourselves, and its
not been bad, its definitely quieter, but all of a sudden we seem to
have so much free time. Which were not really allowed to do anything
else but study so we just do more of that. One of our RC's made us a
wicked Christmas tree out of a tree branch and an old tin can which
we've now decorated and put our like, 3 presents under. But still so
fun. We have a LOT of dinner appointments coming up this week so were
gonna get nice and fat this Christmas. Plus were gonna commit a lot of
people to baptism, people seem to respond better when we don't try to
convince them in lessons and when were all just sitting around eating
together talking about how good it is to be Mormons they realise how
not good it is to not be Mormon and want to join. Our third husband
has gone totally wala na on cigarettes after being a pack a day and
hes all set for January! We had this great awkward moment this week,
their neighbour is their 17 year old cousin, his whole family have
died so they all take care of him. Hes quit smoking and is getting
baptised in a couple weeks. We barged into his house the other day
yelling for him and he was sitting with his girlfriend who lives in
another area, so we told her all about meeting with the missionaries
out there and got her set up. On Sunday we got to church and we saw
him standing outside with his arms around a girl and were all like HI
AGAIN, so good to see you, and shes all confused, and hes like, uh
this is a different one. So next up, chastity! Haha hes a sweet kid
though, we'll just mention that having two girlfriends probably isn't
really for the best and he'll happily oblige. We're setting her up
with the missionaries too so it all works out!

Man I swear I always have a million stories to tell but when it comes
to email times I go blank. I just love the spiritual ones. Know that I
love you all and I'll be thinking about you all this Christmas.
Remember to think about all the other presents that our Heavenly
Father has given you every single other day of the year.

Love you guys,
Sister McKim

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