Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Malapit na!

Hello po family!

So. I don’t even know what to say about this week, I’ve been sick as,
feeling like rubbish so the whole thing has been a bit of a blur. I
was at that point the whole week where if I was at home I would’ve
taken the whole week of work and stayed in bed, but on the mission
there is an extra level of sick you have to be to stay in, and I think
I was just on the edge where I was just well enough to function, so
good times. BUT we had Christmas Conference, which was amazing! The
morning we had a big devotional where the entire mission was in one
room and I got to see everyone from the jungle who I missed so much.
The AP’s got up at the pulpit and made everyone who’d gotten Dear
Johned stand up in front of everyone – I was dying it was so funny. I
love the missionaries here, everything is crack up. We had a fancy
catered lunch and dinner with fancy round tables and serving staff,
and in the afternoon we went to the university and all played sports
for the whole afternoon. I played soccer barefoot for hours and I was
so incredibly happy I forgot how sick I was and how much I was going
to regret it later. At night every zone did a skit and a traditional
Philippino dance. Ours everyone was partner dancing except us few
lucky single ladies who got to do basically a chicken dance which was
apparently a lot funnier than it was supposed to be. Anything for the
lols! It actually is finally starting to feel like Christmas here, our
Christmas party is this weekend and I cannot wait to party with my
ward, its literally gonna get wild, all the ward leaders are crack up
so its gonna be good. Plus our own little Zion of recent converts and
investigators are all planning something huge, some skit of some sort.
They love the gospel so much, but they also just love being Mormon and
all the goober stuff that comes with it. We've been having wicked
family home evenings out there and we get new investigators every
time. Last week we assigned one of our recent converts the spiritual
thought, she didn't know what to share so she prayed, opened her
scriptures to a random page and really liked the verse she read, Ether
12.27, which fit in exactly perfect with the lesson. After I asked her
how she knew to share that verse and she said the spirit. I about
cried. Shes awesome. We've made our work this way that we really love
everyone we teach because they're all our best friends and it never
feels like work. It feels like we're always just sitting around
chatting and cruising around with the kids but in there we're still
teaching powerful lessons to converted people. It makes me so happy as
before my mission I was expecting to become this spiritual robot and
become this person  I didn't really want to be, but I'm still exactly
me, I'm just better at planning and more organised and know how to
bring the Spirit into a lesson. I know the Lord is helping me.
We also have this huge new problem where we have a ton of
investigators who want to get baptised but they can't for complicated
reasons. We have a couple who are pregnant but they can't get married
because its illegal to get married under 18 even with parents
permission, we have an investigator who can't because her live in of
20 years refuses to sign the marriage papers and another one who has
been living with her fiancee for four years but can't marry him for
another 7 years until her divorce finally becomes legal. Its super
rough because technically they could all just start living the law of
chastity and be baptised, but they're all people who want to be
married to their partners but can't because of the law. Its
frustrating and sad for us and them but we just have to teach them to
be faithful until the time comes.
In other news, one of the areas in our ward is getting cut so our
housemates are getting pulled out and its just going to be me and
Sister L in our house by ourselves. We are devastated but it
may be for the greater good as we now won't be having pre-bedtime
brownie parties and getting distracted in study. Next baptism this
weekend, baptising our second husband! All the rest are bossing
quitting smoking and should be good for baptism in January!

Love you all,
gotta go,
Sister McKim


Our kids putting up the Christmas tree their dad made from stuff he
found, and our ride! This is what we cruise around on every day, and
theres always like a hundred kids on there too!

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