Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Don't listen to Satan

To all the people I love so much,

Gracious so this week. Satan is the worst, he is so stupid and so
annoying, but we can always overcome him and do the things that we
need to do. After the little problem last week with our ladies, we
went this week and we shared with them a scripture about prayer. There
was a verse that said they will help your overcome the temptations of
Satan and they all gasped, then said WE THOUGHT THAT WAS SATAN! They
said after we had left and they realised they still wanted to get
baptised they were wondering if it was just Satan telling them to do
that, and after we shared the scripture they knew it was. They are
awesome. Theres nothing better than when we do a drop by of their
houses and see them sitting with their pens and paper out reading the
Book of Mormon and taking notes. Our investigators are so converted
its amazing. Tuesday we had the interviews of the three and they were
all so nervous and practicing their answers, and all passed! The next
day we were back at their house and their friend who comes to church
with them but said she didn't want to get baptised yet was there.
She'd always refused to commit to a date until she saw how happy the
rest of them were. So we told her she could have her interview the
next day and get baptised on Sunday with them. She thoughts for about
one second and goes....yep. And were like WHAAATT and we all cheered
and fist pumped. Then after her interview we were all back there
celebrating again and one of the husbands came home, so were like
you're next, and he goes.....yep. And were like, WHAAAAAT! Fistpumps.
Plus after the baptism we were back there again, and focussed on
another one of their husbands. He said he wasn't ready to commit, and
afterwards we were talking about how he needed to live the word of
wisdom. So I said, if you give up coffee and alcohol now, you can get
baptised in a month, and he goes.....yeh. And again, for the third
time this week fistpumping like idiots so happy. This week. I don't
know what I've done to deserve all these miracles. We definately have
challenges too, we have investigators who want to be baptised but have
a lot of hard issues we have to work through first, so were blessed to
have these people too who just get it. We have six baptisms more
baptisms planned already for December which should all go through, and
then hopefully more as we work things out!

The baptism was amazing! Our recent convert of a month baptised the
four of them, and after it finished we all walked out to find these
rows of tables and chairs set up covered with plates of food for
everyone who was there. It was amazing. Our ward, I can't even begin
to describe how awesome our ward is. We then had Ward Counsel and took
a huge ice cream sandwich break in the middle. And when I say ice
cream sandwich I mean they brough out loaves of bread and tubs of ice
cream and we put the ice cream in the bread. Philippines.

So yes, my message to you is Satan is real, but the closer you get to
Heavenly Father the more you see how much he actually does for us. My
committment curse was in full force this week, where every time I'm in
the middle of a commitment something bad happens. A baby fell over and
smacked his head on the concrete, plus a huge bug flew into my eye and
died, a baby smashed a glass bottle on its food and four little kids
got into a wrestling pile up, all literally in the middle of me
extending important commitments. But I would literally pray, and at
the second I prayed it would all stop. Its real. Its like Heavenly
Father is standing next to me just waiting for me to tell him what to

Just don't listen to Satan. He thinks he can get you but he can't, as
long as you stand close to our Heavenly Father.

Love you all,
Sister McKim xx

Ok so, nobody is smiling in any of the photos, but they really are
hilarious and awesome people, just ignore that! Plus our ward
apparently had a parole making contest, lolololol, I've been laughing
about that ever since. Missionaries man, simple pleasures. Plus we had
a ward family home evening and we watched a church movie on a
projector. All of us sat back in the hammock and on the benches
watching a movie and eating popcorn. Truly the dream. In that moment,
man that was a new level of happiness. And also the baptisms, they
were happy too :-)

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