Monday, 4 November 2013

I'm having a baby!

So my favourite moment this week. We have this group of about 15 local
children that hang outside out house every day for us to come outside,
especially on Monday nights when they're all off school. We're getting
ready to leave, were psyching ourselves up for a big night and we walk
outside and these 15 children see us and start running and dancing and
cheering and singing, coming towards us! One little boy is doing
cartwheels, they shake our hands and as we walk away they wave goodbye
and dance off. It was like the opening scene of a musical. Like a
movie. Mission life. More glamorous than to be expected!

So I'm having a baby! Got the call on Saturday that Sister S is
being transferred into the jungle and I'm going to be training! I'm
actually so so excited. And humbled. Life here in San Nic was always
pretty great, now its about to change up, but I can't wait, this is
going to be a good week. And since birth and death always seem to go
together, as we've actually seen in real life, our dear roomie Sister
Q is going home this week, so change ups all over, but its all
going to be good.

So the other day we were trecking through the jungle as we do every
day, we'd just been taking pictures with someone so we were laughing
and Sister S is looking at her camera and two steps in front of
her is the LONGEST SNAKE I HAVE EVER SEEN! I scream and she stops just
in time for it to slither away into the jungle. We ran over to our
families house and told Sister and told her what it looked like and
shes like oh yeah, that ones poisonous. If it bites you you'll die on
the spot. I'm actually terrified for my life every day now, all the
snakes here are deadly apparently and were nightly walking through the
jungle in the pitch black. This is why we pray 400 times a day.
Brother R told us this story about when they went up to the
mountains to chop wood and this one stood up to his face and was about
to attack him, like anaconda size, and he just chopped his head off
with his machete. Then they ate it. Yeah they did! I love these people
man, they are the actual best!

In other news, we had the typhoon of typoons come through on Thursday.
We were trying to make some sort of Halloween and then it happened to
us. At night time the power would come in and out without warning. We
told stories by candlelight and then stayed up all night through the
worlds most terrifying storm. Our apartment is sturdy as so were all
good. Typhoons man. Legit Halloween. And Halloween here is Nov 1 where
everybody goes to the cemetary and have a huge celebration. They cook
food for the dead and leave it in their houses and someone has to stay
up all night guarding the food. The traditions are kind of cool,
everyone really gets into it. Apparently at the cemetery people were
getting possessed and speaking in tongues though, I'm not so keen on
that part of it.

I am so so so happy I'm staying here in San Nic, this is my home now
and if I could I'd just live here forever. We are definately loved and
have gotten to a point where we seem to be getting fed 2-4 times a
day. I'm trying my hardest not to get fat. Hardcore runs in the
mornings. Been doing a lot of praying for you all at home so I hope
everyone is good. Love you all and love my mission. Stay happy, work
hard, and help the work of salvation move forward every day!
Love Sister McKim xxx

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