Monday, 11 November 2013

D&C 6:33

So first of all, we're fine.
But its bad news down in Visayas so if you're gonna pray for someone
pray for them, powers in and out but were being blessed beyond belief
here. Caught up with other missionaries from the jungle parts of the
mission and they haven't had water or power for weeks so were doing
really well here.

This week. Ah my goodness. This may have been my most spiritual week
of my mission. First of all we had 14 investigators at church.
Monday night we had a family home evening at the Ramos', our recent
converts of two weeks who are so awesome they just want to feed the
whole ward, which was perfect because its walking distance of all our
investigators. It had been postponed a bunch of times because of the
typhoons and finally Monday night. A brother in our ward talked about
his conversion, his wife was a member and the missionaries visited him
every week for ten years until he was finally baptised and only last
year were they sealed in the temple. It was perfect as all of our
investigators are women whos husbands aren't interested, and during
the lesson, one at a time all the husbands wandered down from their
houses and listened. I could see it really effecting them. We had less
actives come who hadn't been to anything for months, and our whole
ward really came together and just made everyone feel so happy. 
At the end, Sister S and Sister Q who were leaving the next day bore their 
testimonies and everybody cried, the spirit was so strong, and it really made 
So on Tuesday morning we had a party at the brand new 7/11 to say
goodbye to Sister S and I grabbed my temporary companion. We had
trainings until Friday when I met my trainee. She is awesome. Shes 22
this week, wants to work hard and reminds me a lot of me when I got
here. I know shes exactly who needs to be here to keep things going
with our investigators especially after I leave. Her name is Sister
L and shes from Idaho.
This week. Man I've never testified so hard. I was so determined to
keep the spirit going in these people until they just came to church.
I felt fluent this week, I just talked like I would in English and
never had to think about it. All week I would sit people down, get
their concerns out of them and make them resolve their own concerns.
It made SUCH a difference. People really opened up and started getting
really deep with me and then on Sunday morning, one by one they just
walked in. All the husbands of the women we were teaching came and
listened closely in church. After we went to their house armed with
our secret weapon, Brother Valdez, the gospel genius, and had a lesson
with turned into a huge testimonies. All of our investigators shared
their conversions, why they are so blessed in the church and we all
cried. I cried, in a lesson. First time ever. At the end, we turned it
over to the husbands and they said they really felt the spirit at
church and they will be back. Miracles on miracles. I can't even
describe it.
So in the coming month we have seven baptisms lined up which should
all go ahead smoothly, the only thing that would hold them back would
be if their husbands decide to get baptised now too. My brain is
overloaded this week because theres a lot on my shoulders right now,
especially with a companion that doesn't know anyone and can't speak
Tagalog, but I know everything will work out the way its meant to. I
just love the work so much, I just want this p-day to be over so I can
go and teach!

I love this work, I love the Philippines. And I love each and every
single person I teach. I truly feel that our success comes from being
obedient, down to the tiniest rules we always do our best. And loving
the people. These people are my family and I love them more than I
ever could have imagined. I love being a missionary and my biggest
worry is that I don't have enough time left.
I love you all, and thanks for you emails and concern.
Work hard, be happy.
Love Sister McKim

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