Monday, 27 October 2014

Finding joy as always.

Hi Team

So this should be short, it was an eventful week, but probably mostly things that are personal to me and you probably won't get much interest out of. But! I will share a few things that happened.

Spent basically the whole week on exchanges, including going back to my old area in Sanchez, again, blessings! Went to the house of my RC Sister Christy, oh and she is such a treasure. Shes still super active but the sisters say that even though she loves all the missionaries she still always tells them she wants me and Sister Alsado back haha. So shes getting pretty old and her body is kind of failing on her and she just got some new sickness thats pretty bad. Shes supposed to take this medicine 3 times a day to keep her alive, but most days she can only afford one, and somedays none. The pills are 10 pesos each, or about 25 cents. So she just waits until she literally can't breathe and starts having an attack before she takes the medicine. Shes so scared, but in a way shes sort of come to terms with death. When she saw me she just cried and cried. I just had to try and bear my best testimony of faith to her since thats all I could give. Its hard not being able to do more, but what I've realised on the mission is that if I was to break the rules and give her money or anything it would be a complete lack of faith on my part, and rob her of the chance to show her faith in God. It was hard to leave her crying on the doorstep, but I know shes being taken care of.

For some reason just really doesn't work on these computers so I've been struggling to get a hold of the conference talks, but managed to download a couple last week. Is it just me or are all the Apostles getting funnier? My favourite were the talks from the Priesthood session as usual, I love the rebuking most of all, especially the one about how all the men just need to stop sitting around and get married. We worked that into a few lessons this week at church to get the YSA moving, hopefully something sinks in and I'll come back to attend a few weddings here in the future :-)

Our District President and us are planning this huge Waters of Mormon style baptism in December where all of the people in the whole district to be baptised in December will be baptised at the same chapel on the same day. Its basically going to be amazing, and its also basically certain that I will be transferred and wont be there. But I can see the potential of all of our investigators here and I know that a ton of them will make it. Were working on a new little compound of people I call 'New Zion', and all going well we should fit a couple weddings in on that day too. One of our new investigators we've been working with is awesome. Hes 18 and when we met him he had just moved to the couch at his friends house because he couldn't stand his family anymore. This week we had the best lesson about the Book of Mormon with him and he texted us at 3am later that night to say he was still reading and had prayed to know that it was true. He also moved back in with his family because he said he feels that its better that he tries to fix their relationship, and thats where he feels that happy Spirit feeling. Golden.

I'm going to try write back to you all now so short lang! But I love it here more than ever, I'm loving seeing the miracles every day and I love feeling the hand of the Lord in all that I do.

And I love you all!
Sister McKim

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