Monday, 3 November 2014

Happy Days

Hi Team!

This week was just all over place but so so good. This week Satan did not want me to think I was a good missionary, and he was pretty persistent, and almost had me convinced for a second there. We had interviews with President and he looked me in the face and asked me if I was obedient and I hesitated for a moment. The rest of the day I was thinking hard about why I couldn't just say that I was, because I had always thought of myself that way. I guess the name of the game in missionary work is that we never stop progressing and growing, and we have to keep the momentum going so that were continually growing faster and stronger, otherwise Satan will try to overtake us and slow us down. Or rather we will slow ourselves down, which in some ways I think I was doing. Still progressing, just not as fast, that 'all is well in Zion' attitude. Thats the slow killer. So its a blessing really that I'm being made aware of all my weaknesses at once so I can sort them all out before this chapter of my life is over, and I can honestly tell you I have more than a few. 

I have no pictures as my camera is still being ravaged by a deadly virus from little hole in the wall computer shops. But I just wanna add, that every one of the 6 is times now that I've gotten a virus on my camera, the Spirit has always prompted me to go to a different computer shop, and I've ignored it. Good to know I'm being look out for even in the little things, and also good to recognise that I need to pay attention to those little things too!

Had a wicked MLC today with President and that man is just loading with inspiration. Last night we had a Philippines area broadcast by Elder Oaks and some of the area authorities, and President felt inspired to just drop the whole plan for our training and base it off of that instead. Elder Oaks was so inspired. Basically he was the area president here 10 years ago, and he said he was basically going to repeat everything he said back then all over again because the Philippines is still experiencing exactly the same problems. My favourite thing that he said was something I'd never even thought of before. He talked about the commandment that says 'in six days shalt thou labour', which makes us always think about keeping the sabbath day holy. But the spin he put on it was that its a commandment that we LABOUR 6 days a week. And I guess if youre sitting around lazy all day every day your sabbath day isn't really going to be that holy anyway.

President Barrientos quote of the week: "The reason why we are few is because the church is true... and the truth hurts."

K thats all I have time for, not super funny but the work is getting done!

Love you all team,
Sister McKim

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