Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Do they want you to Twitter during Conference...?

Hey kids so quick one today before we go back to the jungle.
Theres nothing I hate in the mission, not a single soul, not a single
thing, except that 6 hour bus ride from Laoag to Cagayan. I hate it so
so much. But everything else is such a joy :-)

So I would so badly love to talk about all my insights from conference
with you, but I barely got to watch it, so I'm downloading it and
gonna do my best to get through it this week. But from what I did get
to see, I loved the Lynn G. Robbins talk about which way do we face.
Its something that hit me so hard, because especially the stronger we
get spiritually, the further we have to fall. It made me think about
our immense responsibility to be exactly obedient to all of the
commandments, to strive for true discipleship, and to be willing to be
the unpopular one. And thats one thing I've had to really get to do on
my mission, be the one making the unpopular calls. And everyone here
wants to be a great missionary, and they all want to be exactly
obedient, so its a duty to them to tell them where they're falling
short, or where they're going wrong even when they hate it, and taking
the same criticism from others. I'm always trying to remember who I'm
serving, and also making sure that person isn't myself.

This week we had a wicked week for finding. Everything just went so
right. At weekly planning I set a bunch of steep goals for me and my
new comp and decided I was gonna get every one of them. And we did,
and it was glorious. We found this girl last week who told us that
she'd had a baby who died when it was only two months old, and since
then her and her husband, or live in boyfriend rather were really
struggling with it. Went back this week saw them sitting together on
the road. I don't know what got into me this week but I got super
confident and bold with everyone and just worked like a treat. I told
them to go inside because we were going to teach them about their
family. They didn't even say anything they just went. Then we taught
them the Plan of Salvation, exactly where their baby is and how they
can be a family forever, if they do what we share with them and get
baptised. The boy was hanging onto every word like never before, and
then he straight up asked, "when?' So we gave him the date, but told
them they would have to get married that day too so we have to start
working on their marriage papers. He was keen for that. It was one of
the most spiritual lessons I've been in for a long time. As a mission
we've been working on astonishing our investigators, and this guy was
honestly astonished. They're now getting it all sorted out and should
be set before transfer day if all goes to plan. Turns out they're also
best friends with our RC family, another strong member family, and all
the RM boys that just came home. We truly found the prepared souls
which means we must have been doing something right!

We found some other really awesome people this week including two
different boys who we thought were absolutely golden, one a member
referral and one a part member. We were so excited about it until one
of the boys grandma told us that that she just found out that he had a
boyfriend, and basically perfectly described our other investigator.
We were gutted thinking our two golden people were each others
boyfriend. BUT one came to church and it turns out it wasn't him after
all. But he came dressed as a girl so doesn't matter how golden he is,
we have some work to do before his baptism. But hes such a genuine
soul we know he'll make it in the right time.

So we love teaching our cool new little family. We went there the
other day and they were busy cooking up a feast. Turns out they just
killed the family dog and the everyone was out at their place for the
feast. They hung the head and legs up while they were cooking so we
took a few sneaky snaps, but they said the menu for the next day was
boiled head. My comp was super excited to try the dog for her first
time but for the rest of the night was riddled with guilt.

Was a packed week, had MLC, ate a lot of take out and keen as to just
get back to work tonight. The other thing that happened is SISTER
STOREY WENT HOME! I just saw a picture of her, at home, in Utah. And I
remember when she left and it was like, 5 minutes before I left, which
means.........ugh. Don't even want to think about it.

Love you all,
watch all of conference if you haven't yet!
Sister McKim xx

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