Monday, 22 September 2014



So its my birthday, again! Yep. I'm here in Apparri for a conference
tomorrow, which means SLEEPOVERS with my favourite sisters! Blessings!

This week was just a lot going on. Actually this whole transfer has
been a lot going on, felt like I haven't had a moment to sit or think
or sleep in my own bed, but its been good, loving the ride. This week
was another week of typhoon, we had power for a couple days which was
good, always makes life a little easier. Had exchanges this week, met
the sisters at 6.30am and the told us they still hadn't emailed 3 days
after P-day because of black outs, so President let them do it then,
meaning I got a blessed hour of time while we waited - it
literally felt like Christmas day. I watched the documentary about
President Thomas S. Monson's life, and here I am at the crack of dawn
in a weird computer shop in the back of someones house in some dark
alley tearing up, just thinking about the Prophet and how amazing he
is. I can just tell how great of an example he was his whole life,
even when he was young he was so humble and such a great leader. I
can't remember ever being so inspired so early in the morning, but I
just want so much to be like him, to just be anxiously engaged in a
good cause literally all of the time. I can't imagine his life. Those
general authorities are really earning their exaltation. It really
just gave me that push this week that I so desperately needed, not
just to finish my mission, but to keep earning my exaltation. Nothing
scares me anything more in the world than thinking I  just might not
get there.

Had exchanges again and WENT BACK TO MY OLD AREA! I had been waiting
ever so patiently for the day, and the beautiful sisters over in
Sanchez had planned to visit all of my recent converts. Ah man.
They're so good! And so many more of the people we found have been
baptised since I left. Such a blessing, not a chance that comes around
a lot. Plus I ran into so many of my old investigators who have since
not been progressing so well, and was able to be very bold in a very
loving way with them. After that I felt like I had to leave on that
spiritual note, so I didn't feel right about taking pictures. Siyang.
So no pictures this week, sorry! Stuck around for district meeting
with my Aussie mate Elder Naulu - finally in the same zone so caught
up on all the chika-chika. I was called on to be the surprise musical
guest and the two of us had everyone going with a rousing rendition of
Advance Australia Fair. Its in the hymnbook so its allowed.

In blessed news, the dad we've been working with came to church on
Sunday. I just felt so strongly from the moment I got here that he was
one of the reasons I came here, and when I teach him I just feel like
I know what to say, WHEN I've been working to maintain the Spirit. I
can't even describe the feeling when I saw him walk in with his whole
family just before the sacrament was passed. Of course, I've had a lot
of investigators come to a lot of sacrament meetings before, but this
one was something special. I feel like if I don't put my whole heart
and soul into this one he might not make it at this time, so its the
push I need to give it my all. I think we're gonna do it. In other
amazing news, the AP's came up to do a training, and one was just
newly called coming from my first area in San Nic. He told me that TWO
of the families we found and baptised last year will be going to the
temple in December to be sealed, and HOPEFULLY also the third if they
can be ready in time. It was the most amazing news I'd heard in a long
time. The bit thats a little sad is its literally a week before I will
be in Manila at the temple anyway, otherwise I would have been able to
be there with them. I don't think I'll be able to swing a trip down
there a week before I go home, but it doesn't mean that I'm not going
to beg President super hard when I see him tomorrow.

So, I love my mission. I'm so so tired. The last couple weeks have
been 5am wake ups MOST of the days, and I'm tired, I'm so tired, but
the work will go forth boldy, nobly and independent until it has
penetrated every continent, visited every climb, swept every country
and sounded in every ear. I didn't even mean to start writing the
Standard of Truth just then but my mind fell asleep for a second and
my brain thought thats what I wanted to write. The life. Haha. My new
favourite song is the April 2014 conference version of Let Us All
Press On. I have to listen to it on full volume at least 10 times a
day right now. Ah man. Can't wait for conference.

Work hard my dears,
Salvation is not a cheap experience!
Sister McKim

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