Monday, 29 September 2014

Brgy Baliw

This week was like a blur.

The rest of my birthday was good! In the town where I am assigned the
food situation is not good. If you're lucky enough to score a dinner
appointment the food is always amazing, but the restaurants and places
to eat are not so good. We literally spent 45 minutes going from place
to place before we found somewhere that didn't only sell pancit bihon,
which we eat several times a week anyway, until we finally went to the
place we always go to. In Aparri theres a ton of wicked places, plus I
celebrated with a buko shake and Dunkin Donuts so couldn't get any
better really. Had a sleepover in Sister Ramos apartment so I was SO
happy to see her! But it didn't get too crazy because her comp got
sick, she ate something bad and was suffering pretty bad. She'd
already been to the hospital and was advised to go home and just wait
it out. Personally, I was genuinely concerned she was going to be the
latest person to enter the Spirit World that night, but luckily for
her she has the best comp in the world. So we spent the night by her
bedside while Sister Ramos boiled water and made food and tucked her
in and did all those beautiful things. It literally looked like that
scene in Legacy where shes sitting there dying from some disease and
shes all "has God forsaken us??" and the friend is all "we can't lose
faith Eliza!". I took a picture with her permission. She survived, it
was a miracle.

Had our zone con on Tuesday, said goodbye to Sister Storey. She is
going home in a week. What the. I remember when we got our calls, and
when she left, and she left like 5 seconds before me. Oh goodness. But
the conference was amazing. It had this huge emotional undertone
because everyone is so close to the end now, and everythings changing
and everyone is so tired. But the trainings were inspired. The part I
loved most was about being chosen. We all know those scriptures 'many
are called, but few are chosen', and we're already called, that parts
over, but we have to chose to be chosen every single day. The only
days we are the chosen one are the days we give it our all. I needed
that. I'm tired. And its hard to sprint when you feel like you go
almost nothing left, but thats why we have the Atonement right? And
for all those other reasons too.

President Barrientos quote of the week:
"I texted all the missionaries in Ilocos who were trapped in their
apartments during the typhoon to check if they had any food left. One
of them texted back and said "we only have our 72 hour kits and the
Atonement." Lol.

Our RC dad blessed the sacrament yesterday after only being a member
for 3 weeks now. He was worried about messing it up and studied it all
day every day all week, plus he didn't have a white shirt and tie on
Saturday night, but we arrived on Sunday and someone had donated to
him and he was already up there ready to go. Got it right first time.
He is the man!

We were told last minute we were having a missionary fireside on
Wednesday night so we dropped all our plans for it, got there and it
turned out to be a welcome home party for a missionary in the branch.
Luckily we had a bunch of investigators so it was still a good use of
time. It was the weirdest thing. We watched him get out of the van,
straight from the airport. Then he bore his testimony, had some talks,
and then while we were all eating they took him out to be released. He
came back 10 minutes later without a name tag on. Oh gracious it was
awful. Its crossed my mind about leaving the mission, but the thought
of actually getting home was weird and shocking and I didn't know how
to handle it. I had to leave, I hated it. Pero! We went and taught his
family yesterday, and it was him and another boy in the next ward who
just came home on the same day, the sister who also a new RM, and the
parents who are service missionaries. So we had a wicked missionary
lesson about missionaries with a whole room of missionaries. Luckily
they are keen as to start reactivating everyone in the branch.

It feels like we've had literally no time to teach lately because
we've had so much going on. This week we just had a ton of meetings, a
funeral, activities, all of it. But sometimes when you feel like
theres no way, the Lord opens a way for you. So we have investigators
on the way to baptism still, with little or no time to teach them or

Still loving it. Still the best mission in the world. Still love you all.
Sister McKim

Photos:  Last generation picture! My mum and my daughter, we did a 'spontaneous
laughter' picture. Magunda.
Our RCs pig had 11 piglets and this is the morning after they were
born. They are the best thing I've ever seen.
Sister Ramos saving her comp, so sweet.

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