Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Are we sleeping through the Atonement?

Hi guys,

Quick one today since there is no p-day this week. Woke up at 5
something to write this email and so that we could eat this week so
I'll do my best to keep it short and sharp!

Feels like we barely even taught this week, travel and meetings all
week but still managed to hit the standard of excellence, since its
not allowed to be anything less than an excellent missionary! We ran a
training for the district leaders and the training I gave was about
not being boring. Haha. It was actually about working with members and
leaders but it was really about how if you're motivated and fun and
exciting its way easier to get people to work with you, give you
referrals, and all that great stuff. Gave another training at
Leadership Council on Monday which I was informed about at 9.15 the
night before. After spending the last few days with all the
missionaries closest to going home, I felt inspired to give a training
about enduring to the end and not getting trunky. Everyone is still
doing awesome but with about half the mission going home by the end of
the year the trunky influence can get spread super easy. I'm nowhere
near trunky yet but other people freaking out about going home makes
me freak out so gotta stay away.

Baptised a family on Saturday! This family is amazing, they remind me
so much of the Ramos family back in my first area. They have 3 girls
but one of them in studying away but will be baptised as soon as she
comes back for summer break. What I love about these families, is how
it all goes back to a good dad. The dad is awesome, and so nice and
just so excited to get the Priesthood and bless his family. When you
have an awesome dad, you have an awesome family. BTW, happy Father's
Day Tatay McKim, you're the man! It was a blessing to be a part of
their conversion, and like all baptisms, it wasn't without its drama.
We all arrived at the chapel on time assured that the font was being
filled, and found it had been taken care of in time, except that quite
often the water just runs out without warning, and the water was still
about shin deep. They insisted it was going to be ok but looking at
the size of Bro I wasn't sure even if he laid on the floor of the font
that he would be covered enough. So most obvious solution, BEACH
BAPTISM! The best kind. Everyone was keen except for the people being
baptised, until the district president came and saved the day. He got
all the men together, sent them down to the well and bucket by bucket
got it sort of up to knee deep. Worked out alright in the end.

Favourite quote from this weeks district meeting. Talking about the
Atonement, our district leader referenced Elder Uchtdorf's talk from
last conference, "are you sleeping through the Restoration?" but
changed it to, are you sleeping through the Atonement? Really made me
think, are we?? Are we forgetting that we are living in a time where
we have the blessing of repentance and forgiveness, that if we are
sick we can us the power of the Priesthood to be healed, or that if we
struggle all we need to do is call on the power of the Atonement which
was wrought for us?? After that it really made me ponder what I can do
to even more apply the Atonement in my life each and every day.

Thats all I got time for.
Love you all,
Sister McKim

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