Monday, 26 May 2014


So hilarious times as usual! We get on the jeepney this morning to
come into the city and the Elders happen to be on it, barely sit down
before this rich lady next to me starts going off at us in very loud
English. Shes like my brother is a mormon minister and he stole my
land, it should be against your religion to steal peoples land, I'm
going to report him to the mormon leaders! Shes absolutely going off
and the rest of the people on there are staring at us seeing what were
gonna do. We were trying so hard not to laugh but explain kindly that
people aren't perfect and that our religion doesn't encourage land
theft. By the end of it we get her chatting about her life, give her a
restoration pamphlet and get her address for the missionaries over
where she lives. They're gonna be a wee bit surprised when they meet
her, but she turned out to be lovely.

So last Sunday they announced that the following Saturday there would
be a branch talent show, giving people like 6 days to prepare.
Everyone was stressing all week about it because nobody had time to
organise anything, BUT the thing is Philippinos love dancing and
always have a casual couple dance numbers up their sleeves at all
times. So we get there and it turns into So You Think You Can Dance
Philippines, SO GOOD! Us missionaries put together a last minute
cultural delight for everyones entertainment which was a nice little
mix of skill and danger. Hilarious though, people really love seeing
white people be bad at Philippino things. Haha.

We have a lot of investigators doing so well at the moment. A problem
we often have is too many investigators and not enough time to spend
with them, so you see everyone once a week and then they don't
progress. So this transfer we had a genius idea. Why don't we just
pick a few people and visit them more often! I felt like that little
girl on the taco ad with all the genius ideas. And what pretty much
happens now when good things happen we do a little mexican hat dance
to celebrate. So its been way good. What the Lord wanted me to learn
this transfer was the 'killing two birds with one stone' theory. We
had two less active families, both the mums were left by their
husbands, none of the kids wanted go to church and they were all round
struggling, but when we combined them and made the two families be
friends we saw them both get completely active again, and now after
all this time all the kids are getting baptised! We're also seeing
with our other investigators that as we set them up with less actives
with similar problems then they just help each other figure it out.
We're really seeing the difference between working hard and working

Love you guys,
love the mission

Go serve somebody!
Sister McKim

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