Monday, 12 May 2014

Do you love me?

Another baptism, another couple of souls on the way to salvation!
These girls were awesome, they come to church with their aunties and
their grandparents because all their parents are a combo of living
abroad or having already died. Except for one, her whole family are
converts and used to be amazing and active and fell away a couple
years ago because the mum wanted so bad for the kids to have a good
education that she started working on Sundays. She avoided us like
crazy and was not about being taught until the day we asked her to
sign the record for her kid. At first she looked like she didn't want
to do it, and then it seemed to me like maybe she was guilty because
until now she hadn't been apart of her daughters baptism, but we
talked with her for ages and by the end of it she was so excited and
said she'd been wanting forever for the missionaries to teach her in
her house again. We were worried she wasn't gonna come, but she walked
in late and shy but she looked so happy to be back in the church
again. Shes on the way back, and shes gonna bring all her kids back
with her so I can't wait to see the rest of their progression. We also
have the other family coming up for baptism, I mentioned them last
week. They were a really strong family until the dad bailed on them
and the mum literally works 24/7 to feed the kids so they all went
inactive. The 3 youngest kids were never baptised and have been taught
by the missionaries for years but never consistantly did anything
because the mum just couldn't help them do anything. We've been
putting our hearts and souls into those 3 kids and the mum has
progressed and insane amount. On Saturday night she came home late and
saw us trying to hide the Mothers Day present we were making for her.
The last couple weeks shes sent the kids walking to church and shes
just come for sacrament meeting, but yesterday she was there Sunday
best for the whole 3 hours. I about cried. Especially when I looked
around at all the other less active members we are teaching who came.
Blessings for sure.
We had our Zone Training this week and we were basically chastised and
told to step up, which I truly was grateful for. In our mission we are
supposed to focus 50% on investigators and 50% less active/recent
convert, and often its tempting not to because people want baptisms. I
really felt inspired a couple weeks earlier to implement this and as
we have been doing this we're seen the blessings. Most of our
investigators are family members of less actives, and as we focus on
strengthening the less actives members, they go from being a bad
example to a good example to our investigators, which makes it a LOT
easier for us. So inspired!
I'm also obsessed with reading about Peter. I hope its not a bit
prideful to say that I feel like I relate to him a bit, obviously a
little little tiny bit. But as I studied this week the story after the
resurrection of Christ when He appeared to Peter, and after all that
he had been through they were back again right where they started. And
Christ really had to ask him, 'Peter, lovest thou me?" Sometimes we
really have to think about what were doing, would the Lord have to ask
that of us? After we've been through so much, do we sometimes go back
to where we started? So if we really love the Lord, we will always
move forward and do what He asks. And what He asks of us is, "Feed my

Love you all my precious precious favourites,
Sister McKim

Pictures are
ZTM they made people draw their companions with their feet. This is
Sister Ramos picture of me, I look good as.
The baptism! Thea, Maxine and Charmaine. 

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