Thursday, 22 May 2014

Parang Fiesta

Ah man this week!

We got invited to a wedding this week, just casually, as you do. We
didn't know the people but they were related to a member that we just
met, so of course it made sense we were invited...haha but it was so
good! It was a big Catholic wedding so they had this big party outside
and it was way fancy, but the amazing thing is everyone just has so
much respect for us as missionaries its incredible. We walked up to
the place and someone spots us and ushers us inside the house and we
sit in the big comfy couches and everyones rushing around bringing us
plates of food and chocolates and we sat inside and had a way nice
lunch. Then we went outside to the actual wedding, they literally
snatched chairs from the bridal table so we could sit down and when
the bridesmaids came back they had to stand. We felt way bad but they
really insisted. Its really incredible the respect people have for us,
we get way too spoiled sometimes!

I can't even remember what else happened this week because it feels
like last p-day was yesterday, this week just rocketed by. This
morning we had a wicked zone activity at the beach, we had a huge out
of control water fight then got a wicked SLIP AND SLIDE going on the
beach. It was the best activity so far, we were covered with soap and
sand and all had to go sit under the well water to clean off since we
can't go near the ocean. Felt like summer! Also our town is having
FIESTA which is like a huge party in the town for a couple weeks, kind
of like a fair. On thing thats huge is kid boxing, like little kids
boxing each other, like 10 year old girls even. On of our
investigators is 12 and he won all his rounds so we won a ton of
money, and went and gambled it away. The kids got a few things to
learn before he can get baptised.... but like, kid boxing, what. The
whole town comes out and bets on it, they love it.

So this last week Sister Ramos and I finally gave in and started
working on Ilocano. In our mission most people can speak Tagalog but
their native language is Ilocano, so pretty much in lessons they will
talk to us in Tagalog and then turn to each other and talk ABOUT us in
Ilocano. So we committed and started working on it, now we teach half
in Ilocano and pray only in Ilocano. The gift of tongues in real, is
the only explanation I can give about that. Heavenly Father knew I
needed a challenge.

So one thing that really hit me this week in my study is that every
single principle of the gospel is an eternal principle. Every single
one. So when you're wondering what its going to be like in the next
life, think about one of the principles and think about it as
something thats going to continue on in the next life. I realised a
LOT of things this week when I took that perspective. We keep trying
to have chats about the universe, and have to stop because its too far
beyond out comprehension. You know someones been studying deep
doctrine in personal study when the next hymn they want to sing is "If
you could hie to Kolob" then you know you're getting ready for some
deep learning.

Love you guys,
please share with me what you're learning in your scripture study. If
you don't, I'm gonna assume you're not doing it.

Sister McKim

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