Monday, 30 September 2013

Oh it is wonderful

Hello po everybody!
So this will have to be a quickie. Basically what I do with your emails is copy paste and print so I don’t read them til later, and last week I got a ton because of my birthday and was SO excited to get home and read them. Get inside the apartment, and no papers. Realised I’d left them in the tricie and died a little bit inside. People who have served missions will understand, a week without emails is like a week of struggletown. You NEED them to keep going, and I was more than a little depressed for a minute there, like almost not wanting to work depressed, but, as we do on our mission, I prayed that I wouldn't let it be a distraction for me, that I could forget about it. NNext minute, I had the thought to go outside, and on the street I see these mangled pieces of paper which had been run over by cars and I realised that it was my emails, and got more depressed. BUT THEN I realised there was only three pieces of paper and started searching the streets. I enlisted the help of a bunch of neighbourhood kids who are obsessed with us and spend all of their time waiting outside our apartment for us to come out, and got them to run around the neighbourhood tracking them down. Turns out a local hooligan had found them and run away, but the small children tracked him down and sorted it out and ten minutes later they rocked up on the doorstep holding a super wet and mangled pile of papers, that with a huge amount of effort I was able to pry apart and read a couple words off a couple people emails. I didn't even care anymore, I was happy beyond belief! But then I realised it was the answer to my prayer. Pero it means this weeks time has been dedicated to reprinting your emails so I haven't read anyones from the last two weeks yet!
Our family is doing amazing, the dad is future stake president, hes filled up a whole notebook from our lessons and church, his wife prayed in church for the first time ever in public and even the kids manage to sit quietly in church long enough to sing the hymns. We love them so much. I was thinking this week about other peoples emails I've read from their missions and they talk about their amazing investigators, and then its usually like skip that, get to the funny bits. But really only people who have experienced this will understand, this family we are teaching now are probably the most important people to me, we think about them all day every day and we truly love them. I cant even describe how happy it makes me to see their family grow in happiness as they progress in the Gospel. Its a feeling like nothing else. We also have been teaching their whole little neighbourhood which is all of their cousins, siblings and whatnot. We have about 12 other ladies up there who are seriously interested investigators so the next step is teaching their husbands and really getting them to progress. We went up there the other day to watch the Joseph Smith DVD and all our ladies saw us and came and watched it for the second time. At the end I saw the dad trying to hide that he was crying. We got him to bear his testimony and by the end of it I was crying. He's amazing. They're all amazing. We had 9 investigators at church this week, and a bunch of our less actives came. We sat at the back and babysat about 8 kids so all the parents could sit and listen at the front. Church was amazing, favourite Sunday so far. Our Gospel Principles teacher had everyone loving it, he is the absolute man. He told us that they invited him to go to Utah to translate the Book of Mormon into Ilokano but he had to say no because his family needed him to stay. Dedication, the man!
There is nothing like a mission. This is the best thing in the world.
Have to run now but know that I love you all and appreciate every email and letter, I can feel your prayers and know that I pray for you all too. Work hard in everything you do in life, because maybe for the first time in my life I'm truly working hard and I love it.
This church is true, which means we have to do everything it tells us to do.
Go baptise your friends.
Love you all,
Sister McKim

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