Monday, 23 September 2013

If in doubt......pray

What a week!
So first of all, thanks for all the birthday messages! WOW so this email is going to be really quick since I just spent literally half an hour copy pasting them to print them for later. So thankyou for everyone, when I read them I'll try reply or write letters home for you all, but keep the love coming I really appreciate it! I know a bunch of you have sent letters, and we had our letter day for the month on Wednesday and I was dying for the mail and then when it finally came....I had one. The office elders hadn't had time to get them for a couple weeks so hopefully soon I'll finally be able to get them and start replying!
Birthday was great, the older you get apparently the less you care though haha. All I wanted for my birthday was my family we're teaching to come to church, because if they miss a week their baptisms get postponed. They live a long way away and they can't really afford to get there so its always a struggle for them. So we sit outside church and wait for the first half an hour, and nothing. Were freaking out, a little. Then just as were feeling devastated, the mum walks in to Relief Society with a bunch of the ladies, I wanted to cry I was so happy. Kids are in primary, they're loving it, its all good, but no dad. Nobody knows where he is, he didn't come with them and Bishops getting involved, getting him on the phone and whatnot. All the leaders are hard out helping us with them because we know that the dad is seriously going to help the church because hes going to be a strong Pristhood holder. So were in the hallway, because the littlest kid is scared of primary, hes crying, the mums getting upset, Bishops furiously making phone calls, were praying like crazy in our heads, and like a movie, the dad walks in. And like superman he walks over and dries the kids tears with his shirt. Primary finishes and the kids walk out and everybodys smiling and happy. It was like a movie. I'm thinking IS THIS REAL LIFE? Haven't got the whole epic rundown of the story yet but sounds like his bike broke halfway to church and he WALKED THERE, apparently for like 2 hours. Nobody knows. Ah man. This mission.
So we have also been rocking some pretty wicked typhoon weather this week that kept us indoors a lot which sadly ruined all our teaching goals, but was more distressing for the other sisters in our apartment who had a baptism of three people on Saturday afternoon, which even if it went ahead, nobody would be able to come, and probably not even us since when it floods we are literally flooded into our apartment by a deep river outside the house. Everyone was stressing, one of the boys being baptised was home with a hectic fever, there was no power in the neighbourhood, nobody knew what to do. And then, an hour before the baptism, the rain stopped, the river sort of went down, and all the committed people made it there on time. And then it typhooned again the whole time, and stopped just for us all to get home. Whoever said there aren't miracles on the earth now aren't Mormons. If you're not Mormon, get Mormon now because you're missing out!
I could tell you a hundred funny stories from this week but I'll have to save some goodies for later. So we were at this important investigators house for dinner who we love love love, and they serve us cooked livers. I'm not sure if it was the taste or the consistency or the thought but I was struggling. I finally chuck a huge chunk in my mouth which my body immediately rejected and I was any second about to send it back out over the table. I was struggling to keep it down, I had tears coming out, I was really terrified about what was about to happen, and I'm PRAYING that something happens and next second a random DOG immerges out from under the dinner table in this persons house, which has apparently been there the whole time and everyone starts freaking out trying to get rid of it, as I'm over here crying and praying and trying to eat the livers and so happy nobody is looking at me. Ah man, moral of this story is, prayers get answered.
This week we had a huge zone training with 116 missionaries and President gave a training about declaring repentance that basically changed my life. I don't care what anyone else says, I have the best mission president in the world. He's equally as genius as he is hilarious. I can't imagine life without this mission. One thing that I really realised that people need to get through their heads, and is obviously taken me a long time to get to this point, is that hard work brings happiness. Even when we die, heavens not all sitting around on recliner clouds, we will be WORKING. Really hard. But those of us who learn to love the hard work in this life will be loving life then, and those who don't...not really sure whats gonna happen to those people but I'm pretty sure I don't wanna be one.
This church is true. The Book of Momon is the most important book in the world. And if you read it and pray every day and go to church, you will be so so happy. Four hours of Gospel study a day isn't enough anymore.
Love you all,
Sister McKim xxx

Cleaning the sister missionaries shoes, with toothbrushes.


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