Monday, 26 August 2013

Worms and miracles

So this week was straight up incredible. First think that happened, we get flooded into our apartment, so we had to stay in allllll day. We were all getting serious cabin fever but I read like two whole books and a ton of Book of Mormon and language study so the day wasn't lost! The rain lasted a solid 3 or 4 days which meant minimal proselyting so we were worried about our numbers, BUT miracles do happen. So they have a rule here that for someone to get baptised they have to attend 4 weeks of church in a row without missing one or they have to start again, and last Saturday it rained hard and we barely got to meet anyone to organise lifts to church, so we got there on Sunday and there was NOBODY there. It was heartbreaking for us and the other sisters in our ward whos investigators all had to start from scratch again. So this week we were stressing we weren't gonna have enough time to visit everyone and help them to get there, we basically had enough time to see all of our most important investigators once and hope for the best. On Sunday morning it was sunny and beautiful, and we get texts all morning from people making excuses why they couldn't come. Everyone we tried to pick up on the way there wasn't home and we seriously thought we had nothing to work with. Until halfway Relief Society our less active walks in, and shes brought her two sons who she wants baptised and tells us she wants us to teach her husband! Then we get to Sunday school and it was like everyone we'd ever taught was in the room. We almost cried. Then more and more people walked in. The people who said they couldn't make it walked in one by one. We get to sacrament, and this less active lady who only a few months ago said she didn't want anything to do with the church is sitting in the pew, and she brought all the less active ladies from her area. It was the most amazing thing, I sat in church and couldn't believe what had happened. Its moments like last week that are hard but make you wanna work harder, and moment like this week
that make it all worthwhile, and make you wanna work harder. We have one baptism scheduled for next weekend, but she lives with her partner so they have to get married so its tricky. She says shes going to do it, and we have the faith that she will. We're holding on hope, but she never leaves our minds because we want this so much for her!
This work, is amazing. I write in my journal every night about how happy I am, how much I'm glad that I actually did this, and how I can see how much my entire life will be blessed because of this. I love it, I love it, I don't ever wanna come home! But I love you guys so I will, eventually :-)
This place is beautiful, the people and the scenery, the storms, the houses, I'm obsessed! Except we found worms growing in our dishes the other day, I wanted to die. There is a real reason we bless the food before we eat in!

Love you all, I feel your prayers and I know that there are so many people thinking about me and praying for me. Take care of the missionaries in your wards, they need you, and your missionaries out in the field, they need you even more!
Send me pictures, like basically anything you snapchat just email it to me straight from your phones! I wanna know whats going on. Love you guys, you're the best
Sister McKim

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