Sunday, 18 August 2013

"This is the place!"

Hello po!
So I’m gonna try keep this quick so I can reply to as many people as I can! This week was great as always, typhoon came and went with no hassle, and we were missing the rain. That is until it rained for 3 days straight non stop and nobody was on the streets to talk to, and NOBODY was at home! We had so many lessons planned and struggled to find anybody to teach. But we had a couple little miracles. This one day we couldn’t find anywhere to go and we remembered this Catholic lady who was more interested in us than the church, so we went off and she was home. We started with the restoration and when we got to the apostasy she was like, hang on, what?? So we told her all about it and she was reading the pamphlet at lightning speed like she couldn’t get enough. Then asked WHAT ABOUT NOW? So we talked about Joseph Smith and translating the record. Shes like, WHERE IS THE RECORD I WANT IT! So, we whip out a Book of Mormon and she was SO HAPPY ! She cried and said she really thought it was true. It was raining so hard on her tin roof and we were sitting so close and talking so intensely, it was an awesome lesson. All because of the rain! Pero, we got flooded into our apartment yesterday and couldn’t leave. The streets are like rivers, the kids literally swim in the streets, I call it Little Venice. We’re walking shin deep in this putrid poo water but its all worth it. Life here is hard but so so happy.
So many stories I could tell but all I wanna tell you is that the church is true. Honestly, why does anybody not want this. They just don’t understand. And its so frustrating when people know its true and they don’t come to church. We prayed hard and fasted for our investigators and we really honestly thought we would have like 7 investigators at church yesterday. Then it rained and only half the ward showed up, and none of our investigators showed up. But one just came out of nowhere and appeared that we hadn’t even thought of to invite, and that’s sign enough to me that shes our next project. I love this work. I really really love it. A week ago I was craving a message from President to say stay inside today so I could just have a break for a moment. And then come Saturday we got that message and were like, nope, this is way too important to give in. These are peoples eternal souls on the line. I love it, I love it.
AND Elder Ramsay is better, he got flown off to Manila to the hospital there, but hes back today and ready to work! Miracles do happen. We just keep going here no matter what. This morning I was exercising and I went and puked in the sink, and I was like, nope no time to be sick, work to be done. Who am I haha who would have ever guessed I’d say that.
I love you all so much. I don’t think about home a lot at all to be honest but when I do its about how great the people are in my life and how much you all have helped me to get this far. And I can’t stress to you enough, anything you are doing in your life that isn’t furthering the work of the Lord is a waste of time and stop doing it now. Write me birthday letters. Love you so much
Your favourite Sister,
Sister McKim

PS Everyone send me pictures. I forget what you all look like. My pictures don't work here so I'll send some when I can.

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