Thursday, 25 July 2013

Why should we think to earn a great reward, if we now shun the fight.

To the loveliest of people,
This week man, every week is insane here I don't even know where to begin! We went proselyting for the first time!  We went to Quezon City and did trade offs with the missionaries there, I was with a Sister Andrews for San Francisco, she was the loveliest thing! Shes only been in the field for seven weeks but somehow between the two of us we managed fluent Tagalog, true miracles! We met with one investigator whos reading the Book of Mormon and her mother and sister joined in too! We had them all reading their own copies and praying, so good! And at the end the grandma gave us like 6 referalls of people she wanted us to go teach, so good! I'll obviously never get to teach them, but I'm waiting anxiously for an email from Sister Andrews to see how they go. On our way to the other appointment we could see people staring at us two blonde chicks walking down the street so we would stop for chats, teach some of the Restoration, hand out a pamphlet and invite them to church. It was almost too easy, probably just a lucky day but I have no complaints. We met these three men on the street that pulled out a bench for us and just sat there and listened to our every word. The longer I spoke Tagalog the more excited they got, then I told them I'd only been here for three weeks and it blew their minds. Yep, living the dream. We talked to this guy for half an hour, his family are members in Adelaide! The Reyes family he said, I don't know them but he said they want him to go to church. He was mega funny and said he was searching for the truth but didn't believe us when we said we had it, until I gave him the hard word and he gave in and invited us over to his house on Sunday. SUCCESS! Apparently thats my missionary style, I basically don't take no for an answer and then eventually they say yes and realise they actually are loving the church after all! Serious win. One of the other elders in our group Elder Mo'unga taught with Elder Attwood, Robbie and Emily's cousin! They had been struggling with an investigator who was supposed to get baptised last week but wasn't actually sure if he believed in the church. Mo'unga busted out this lesson out of nowhere in fluent Tagalog and committed him to be baptised on the spot. MIND BLOWN! Miracles all over the place here, and we were only out there for a couple of hours!

I've met about a hundred more missionaries from Fiji who know and rave about Manasseh, Brother Garcia in the kitchen always gives me updates on Jared Paton who was his trainer, and everyone just knows everyone from here, the church is seriously way too small, which is why we need to make it bigger!
So my advice for all you preparing missionaries is, don't worry that missions are hard. I remember that being a big thing for me. I'd be like, I don't want to have to work hard all day every day with no break and never get to chill and blah blah. No. Don't think like that. I'd say the word is challenging, but its you challenging yourself. You love your area and the people and the work so much that you put pressure on yourself to achieve the best you can in such a small amount of time. There will be trials along the way but nothing more than real life, and at least when you're here you know you have the Lord on your side a hundred percent of the time and that you can do anything as long as you beleive it enough. Sounds like a soppy movie, but its true. This is living the dream. GET OUT HERE ASAP GUYS! Can't wait for all your mission emails and to hear your crazy stories. Been getting so many emails so thank you all, every little thing makes me so happy! Tell those people whos emails I don't have to get off their bums and write me, and all letters from now on go to my Laoag address!
Love you all, remember who you are and what you stand for.
And remember that anything you do that isn't furthering the work of the Lord is a complete and utter waste of time and you need to get your life together.
Mahal po kayo!!!

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