Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Because I have been sheltered, fed by thy good care

I don't even know where to begin with this week, it's probably been the most eventful week of the MTC so far! We just came out of our last temple session for 17 months and I was more than a little hesitant to leave. I staying in there probably an extra hour than I really should of but I know that I will be uplifted throughout my mission through the work and the time will go quickly until I can be there again. We went proselyting in Quezon City again this week. The investigator we taught our lesson to was the man! He gave us a ginormous bag of spiky fruit and told us the Book of Mormon was true because he took Moroni's challenge. Can't wait to get some of my own investigators to teach!
This is our last week here in the MTC and we are all more than a little devastated to be leaving, but also super excited to get into the field and start the real work. One of the things I'm going to have to get used to is growing to love people too much and then having to immediately leave them behind. So sad, but I know that I will see all these people who I love again, especially Sister Rea who is now my permanent twin. This week was a spiritual feast! We watched a fireside Elder Holland did at the Provo MTC which basically changed my life. I've never been so aware of all my failures and shortcomings and felt so strong and prepared at the same time, but he tends to have that kind of amazing effect on anybody who listens to him speak. I also have a deeper love and respect for President and Sister Beck who are like our super parents here. President Beck was talking to the whole MTC about handwashing the other day and was getting the 5 year old granson of the general authority who was present to help him demonstrate how to use the alcohol sanitiser. At the end he goes "Happy 5th Birthday kid, here's come alcohol!" The man.
In other funny news, we have leadership counsel once a week where all the district leaders and us give reports on our groups. One of the Philippino Elders reported that his district had been disobedient and were flushing their toilet paper down the toilet but he had worked hard and gotten them to stop. Another one reported that they hate using the toilet paper and would rather use their hands. President shut them down pretty quickly and we were all on the floor laughing. It was at that moment that I realised why were not allowed to shake hands with anyone in the MTC. We all got mission rings and the Elders are so excited they've started proposing to me and singing to me in the lunch room about 12 times a day, until someone yells BAWAL and shuts them down. I don't know if you guys will even find these stories funny or this is me just being really really easily entertained. Can't stop laughing here though, always something hilarious going on.
One other lesson I learned this week is that being on a mission doesn't make you a good missionary. As leaders we've had to deal with way too many issues with sisters in our zone that just shouldn't really happen, and even we as leaders have to assess ourselves daily and pick out where we are going wrong. But I can testify that the mission will change you in a million and one ways for the better and as long as you put in the work you will go home exactly who you want to be. Last night I layed in bed for ages thinking about how much I never ever want my mission to end, and I haven't even got to the field and seen the real miracles yet. Its one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced when I start speaking in Tagalog I don't even know and words come to my mind I've never before spoken in order to tell and investigator what they most need to know. This work is real, and we all need to be doing it whether were out in the field or in our own houses. It's incredible hearing from you all every week about who's getting baptised, people getting their mission calls and other people having amazing experiences. I know as you draw closer to the Lord He will bring you the further light and knowledge you desire.
So I'm about to go cry my eyes out with my class for our last P-day here in Manila. I hope to hear all about whats going on from you all. There's nothing like seeing all your emails and your letters arrive here. I wanna hear from you all so write me please even if its just a couple of sentences, all mail is good mail! Send me pictures too! I haven't taken too many pictures here so enjoy this one of a kangaroo and an emu having a chat.
Mahal po kayo,
Mga guapo at maganda mga tao!
Kita kits
Sister McKim

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