Tuesday, 26 August 2014

What to expect when you're expecting.

So in one of the most unexpected and faith promoting experiences this
week, we had a miracle baptism, and a baptism fall through. So this is
the story. We have been teaching a woman and her kids and they are all
doing amazing, but the husband has no religion and isn't too
interested in getting one so he hasn't been too good about making time
for us to teach him. Story of the mission, diba! He always takes them
to church and does his bit but just doesn't think its for him. We
thought we had a miracle breakthrough when for the first time ever
this week he actually stopped and talked to us. We were about to watch
the Restoration DVD while he was on his way to work, he looked at me
and was like, are we gonna watch that? I'm like jaw to the
floor.....uhh ok. Push play. He sat there for the whole movie, asking
every question about Joseph Smith and really just loving it. The
Spirit was there! It was amazing. Complete silence except for the
movie. At the end, I said were going to pray now and he just
goes.....nope. Jumps on his tricie and leaves. Siyang. So. No baptism
is without its dramas. We found out a couple days before that we
couldn't have the baptism on Saturday like we planned, and because of
the funeral and a bunch of other stuff on we had to push it to the
only available time - 7am before church. Nobody is loving that news
haha. So drama one over, we sit them down to fill out their records,
and some people just don't know their own details, so you have to get
the birth certificate out and check them for reals. Check the 8 year
old daughters. Me: 'Um, this says 2007. Shes only 7 years old.' Face
palm. The mum contested it, we all did the math, but yep, 7 years old.
Man. Drama two over, tell the kid she can't get baptised after all.
Super sad. Saturday we go visit them with AJ, our little miracle, who
we love so so much, and is the most active non-member there ever was.
It was supposed to be her baptism too but we had to push it back
because of a worthiness issue. As we were going home after the lesson,
I was just watching her face thinking about how disappointed she was
that she couldn't be baptised yet. This thought came to my mind, a
question that I should ask her, and I didn't know why, but the Spirit
was adamant that I ask. So I did. And she answered. And I realised -
AJ IS WORTHY! I get straight on the phone to President Barrientos,
told him the story, her whole story, how she was supposed to be
getting baptised in the morning but we thought she wasn't worth but
she is and she hasn't had her interview and can we interview her now.
Usually you really have to do the interview a week before, and here I
am the night before begging. But President understood, and he agreed,
and we got the Elders straight over. We told her and she freaked out,
then she was scared, and she was in shock. But she was ready. The next
morning we all arrive at the chapel at an obscene hour of the morning
and start setting up. Nobody even knew she was getting baptised so
when she walked out and the branch members saw her in white everyone
flipped out!! So happy. Her best friend was the one we had asked to do
the talk and she walked in more surprised than anyone! It was the best
feeling. And we waited and waited, and the others never showed up. We
sent someone to their house and they said that the husband of the
woman getting baptised had flipped out and changed his mind and said
he wouldn't support it. Super disappointing. But when we sat and
thought about it we realised, if her husband wasn't going to support
her, its not her time and its not for the best, no matter how bad she
wants to be baptised, but when the time is right she will. And the
whole baptism, it was AJ's baptism all along. She needed that random
7am Sunday morning baptism and if it hadn't worked out that way, she
wouldn't have been baptised. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but
looking back on the day, I think everything worked out the way its
supposed to, for now. Miracles.

So our dear pipi is pregnant. Pipi means can't hear or talk. But she
can do both a little bit, basically shes hilarious, we just make up
our own sign language and only people whol really love her can
understand her. Basically we found her one day, found out she was less
active and brought her back to church. She was doing so good, and then
we found out a little while ago that she got pregnant before we found
her, so it really truly is a whole part of the plan for her that she
came back so she can raise her baby in the gospel. We had to explain
to her about repentance, in made up sign language, but she is
absolutely amazing. I just love her so much, and everyone loves her so
much, and everyone just wants her to be ok! Its just true that there
are so many good people out there who just want to help people and
love people no matter what. I'm gonna miss her but I know the branch
is going to take care of her now!

This week we had our interviews with President, and anytime we get to
hear from President Barrientos is my favourite time. I have never
laughed so hard and felt the Spirit so strong, that man is the most
inspired man, its like he gets inspiration mid joke. I told him about
a dream I had where I was getting transferred and he just laughed.
Then afterwards in his training he said 'I'm not going to tell anyone
anything about transfers, you have to wait until Sunday night to know
if you're being transferred. Unless you've already had a dream that
you're being transferred, then you're definitely being transferred."
Face palm. Love President.

So I'm being transferred. And I'm going back to the jungle! I thought
I was going to the city for sure, everyone was getting my psyched for
hot showers and malls....and I'm going back to the middle of nowhere
haha. But its ok. The place is called Ballesteros, and the area I'm
serving in I already know everyone because I used to go on exchanges
there back in the day. So I already know what I'm expecting, so should
be good. It was Zion back in the day so hopefully theres still a few
non members out there for me to baptize, plus I'll be going on
exchanges in Sanchez Mira, with my old comp!  So all I can think about
is everything I need to buy in the next 3 hours before I get shipped
back out there but I know its going to be good, I know everything is

Love you all, I'll write you from the jungle again!
Work hard everyone.

Sister McKim

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