Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A million stories

I swear I had a million stories this week but when I get to the
computer I just go blank!
This week was wicked as usual, totally changed up our teaching and
went for a different angle. Last week in district conference the
district president told us the numbers of worth active Melchizadek
Priesthood holders in the district and how many we need to be a stake.
That sounds like a challenge to me. We got straight on it this week,
met up with this half-active brother in our ward, told him we were
having lunch at his house. Told him what it is to be a worthy
Priesthood holder and asked him what he needed to change. He said,
wear Sunday best! His wife irons his shirt every Sunday but he never
puts it on, but this Sunday his wife walks in with out him, were like
oh no where is he! Shes like just wait. Ten minutes later he comes
running in buttoning up his white shirt, holding a tie in his hands!
We are cheering and celebrating with him in the foyer. Then he tells
us he just ran next door to the market and bought it, still had the
price tag on! His wife and us just look at each other, shes like, its
progress. Sabbath day next lesson, hey. Love them.
We get a text on Thursday from this lady who says shes a member and
wants to come work with us, and were like....uhh who is this? Happen
to run into her 10 minutes later and she tells us shes been in Manila
since the week I got here so obviously we never met her before, but
she wants to come out Saturday morning. So were like, sweet sounds
good! Saturday morning rolls around and we walk out the front door and
see her on the road in her BRAND NEW CAR! So we go cruising around the
bukid and everyones staring us down, there was literally still the
plastic seat covers on, I can't remember the last time I was even in a
car. We go track down this super humble family and and meet their 17
year old daughter who is the loveliest person who ever existed but is
so shy. She said she can't afford to study so she just works on the
farm, she never gets to leave the town, so shes basically Cinderalla
in real life. The member sits down and is like, you're pretty, can you
work a computer? You should come work for me. The girl is sitting
there jaw to the floor like her dreams literally just came true. The
next morning the member went back to pick her up in her fancy car,
probably the first time shes even been in a car, and comes to church.
She loved it. She had so many questions. So good. We been struggling
to find time to go find new investigators because we have a rediculous
amount of recent converts in our area we have to teach every week, but
this week we made a huge effort and had 5 new investigators at church
that we found this week. I about cried on Sunday morning when we
walked into church and they were already all sitting there lined up in
the foyer.
In other news, I'm singlehandedly speading the love of tacos across
the Laoag mission. Every time someone new comes in the house I feel it
my duty to make them for them, and they've all become obsessed.
They're not exactly right but they're close enough to hit the spot. We
went to this new restaurant for p-day today and tacos were on the menu
and all the Philippinos got super excited and asked if they would be
as good as the ones we have at home. We're taco-loco up in here!
Sister Webb who is my magaling housemate and me have been having deep
doctrine chats on the nightly. Its wicked. We'll sit there with our
books out and I'll be like.....time. Then we go hard figuring out what
is time, what is time! Such a concept. It gets a little deep then we
have to stop and do something else for a while because universe chats
are just so beyond out human comprehension. But seriously, just search
your scriptures. Look for answers and you'll find things you never
even dreamed of in there. All the doctrines for salvation and
exaltation are in there, so go find them.

Love you all,
Sister McKim

Running out of time so I'll cut it there.
Keep reading your scriptures. And don't just read them, get way in
there, find the doctrine and live it.

Teaching a lesson and a bat flies in, so they kill it with a shoe.
Regular occurance.
Maxine! Our little RC who is amazing! We taught her tithing this week
and she came to church on Sunday with ten pesos in hand. She asked who
to give it to so we taught her how to fill out the tithing slip. Even
kids can be converted!

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